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Retro Piano Series

Unmüte team is very proud to introduce you its newest product!

Unmüte Electric Piano Series is a fresh collection of royalty free electric piano loops and midi files designed directly for your own compositions.

Suitable for any Hip hop, Jazz, Soulful, Funk and many more styles, this pack features over 90 loops such as chords progressions, piano licks... at multiple tempos from 70 to 140 Bpm.

We recorded these loops by using our own electrics pianos like Rhodes, Wurlitzer with the best tempo possible for each melody. No worries this pack will provides some Midi Files which gives you the opportunity to add your touch by changing some harmonies or even tempos, keys and sounds.
To make things easier for our customers we also added the key in each loop name.

We decided to give you a few examples of loops in different contexts, that is why we also added 6 Kits containing the parts of different demos.

What’s in the pack?

6 Kits from the demo

70 Electric piano WAV loops in 32 Bit

17 Real piano WAV loops in 32 Bit

6 bass

90 Midi Files

7 Ep Sampling Loops (Bonus )

We hope you will enjoy this new product from Unmüte

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