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Chord progressions define the artistic direction of your project!
Like a skeleton, they're helping to organise and to build the different elements of your music...

With "Keyz", we decided to put the piano at the center. We spent multiple hours composing exclusive progressions ready to be used in your own tracks.This pack provides no less than 64 unique and inspirational piano progressions, from Jazz, Soul, pop or even classical, all at various tempo!

MIDI files included in this product will also give your more customization options. You can pick any progression and link it to your favourite synth or change the tempo.


What’s in the pack?


  • 64 exclusive grand piano samples + Midi files


  • 5 Kits from the demo (Bass, Horns, Piano, Voices, synths, Guitars…)


We hope you will enjoy this new product from Unmüte

Be creative and let the music play! //

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