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Have you ever dreamed about a unique tool to create real sounds and tones? Just imagine violins, brass, keys or even flutes boosted by the most sonically versatile synth...
Have you ever wish for a synth expending your imagination?
Serum does offer infinite possibilities… The only limit you have is your creativity!

"Organix" will support you to master sound design by providing a full range of presets designed with a lot care, mixing organic instruments and the power of Serum processing.

The result? Unique and inspiring Hybrid Tones!

Combining Serum Wavetable feature with realistic instruments samples, we didn't use the synth as a sampler or a host, but more like a "sound shaper" to deliver comprehensive presets as you can hear in the demo.

Multi-tasking, Organix can be useful for any kind of genre. It will add this organic sound you are looking for and will bring life to your beats. 


Try for yourself!

What’s in the pack?

More than 500 MB of content:


  • 4 Basses

  • 10 Brass

  • 5 Epic Horns

  • 10 Guitars

  • 5 Hybrid Synths

  • 7 Keys

  • 6 Multi Sounds

  • 4 Orchestral Hits

  • 4 Percs

  • 9 Plucks

  • 11 Violins

  • 13 Vox

  • 12 Winds

To get immediate fun and flexibility we obviously delivered each preset with 4 to 5 Macro (with Modwheel interaction) like Filters, Fx, Eq, Reverb, Delays, Vibrato.. so don't forget to play with and automate them to design your own sound as needed in your beat.


  • 6 Kits from The demo based on Organix presets ( Bass, Chords, Violins, Piano, Midi files/Presets, Voices,…)

  • 46 Midi files

  • 69 Wav files

All WAV loops provided are in 24 bit

Xfer Serum 1.214 and more needed

We hope you will enjoy this new product from Unmüte

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