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THEORY \\ Are you Cthulhu ready? //

Struggling with creative chords progression? Uncomfortable with music codes or playing keyboard on your own? Or simply lacking inspiration?

Discover "THEORY" by Unmüte, a pack carefully designed to take advantage of Cthulhu the player where one note becomes many... The new chord and arp monster of Xfer will soon become your new essential tool for your musical production. And theory will be your introduction to its possibilities! All you have to do is a single note presses to open up your imagination and put on good track your own composition...
Three words: Creativity made easier
First part of the new Cthulhu series by Unmüte, theory includes 100 exclusive chords progressions, declined and sorted in various style sections, allowing for a near-unlimited amount of possible musical-sounding from Future Bass to Soul, Hip Hop or even classical ambiances...

What’s in the pack?

More than 300 MB of content:


Each preset provides from 7 to 16 chords to compose with.
All chords progressions start from C2 on your midi keyboard and you can play by pressing only white notes at a time from left to the right. We organized our chords for you to obtain the best sequences as intuitive as possible. But the magical aspect with Cthulhu is to experiment on your own to obtain new chord progression by changing the groove, chords order and more.With one preset possibilities are close to infinite.
Now your turn to imagine your futur tracks with Theory by routing Cthulhu to your favorites synths and have instant fun by pressing white notes with one finger!!


7 Kits from The demo ( Bass, Chords, Violins, Piano, Midi files/Presets, Voices,…)
These Kits are just here to give you few examples of the possibilities you have by using few of the Cthulhu chords presets in context.

All WAV loops provided are in 24 bit

Please note you will need latest version of Xfer Cthulhu to use our presets and Latest version of FL Studio if you want to open our routing example file.

We hope you will enjoy this new product from Unmüte

Be creative and let the music play! //

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